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Thanks for checking us out! Our team consists of Mark Tolson, Kara Mandina, Jarrod Harrison and Kavitha Mulligan.

We believe that the most important part of any wedding day is having fun and our main goal is to capture every emotion felt in a natural, unobtrusive fashion.

We take great pride in our work and have years of experience photographing weddings from humble backyard gatherings to extravagant and remote, week-long celebrations.

We photograph the day as it unfolds. Over the years we've learnt that timeless photos don't follow particular trends or styles, nor do we. If it happens on the day, we'll bend over backwards to get it, as it happened. In saying that, we don't want to bore you with our philosophy. If you like our photos, get in touch as we'd love to hear from you.

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Take a look at what our customers say:

"The album looks amazing. It's perfect! We are all so very happy and are extremely impressed at the quality of the photos and the finished product of the album. The photos turned out beautiful. You, Kara and Kavitha are such a great team and I am happy to recommend you guys. Thanks for all of your work, we are so very pleased and very proud of how the day turned out."
       - Tony & Lauretta

"Thank you so much for our photos - they look fantastic! The feel of your photography is so good! It really captures the day. We love the little albums too! So much, in fact, that we were wondering if we might be able to get another small album...... Thanks again. It was a pleasure having you as part of our wedding especially being so friendly, easy-going and flexible. We will definitely be recommending you to friends!"
       - Melissa & Michael
"Guys.... You have exceeded our expectations and have absolutely blown us away!!! You captured the entire vibe of the evening from start to finish and looking at every image makes us relive the day again and again!! Thank you,thank you. We absolutely adore our shots and absolutely adore you both!!!!!"
       - Claire & Wesley
"Thanks for getting these to me so quickly! L-O-V-E the photos, so many great ones to frame don’t know how I’m going to choose! You really captured everything and everyone!... I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to our big day, our memories will last a lifetime now."
       - Daniella & Alex
"We have had a really wonderful time looking at your photos.. They are AMAZING! Thank you so much for doing such a great job and exceeding our expectations!"
       - Rajiv & Annika
"My goodness Mark and Kara – these are just amazing! Thank you so much! I can’t believe how you both could turn a cold, rainy day, into something so magical. Thank you for capturing every minute – they are the most beautiful photo’s I’ve ever seen.
       - Ben & Stacey
"We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the gorgeous photos - we have been meaning to email back and to let you know how much we loved them. It is all so exciting and we have got so much positive feedback from the photos we've shared. We honestly cannot thank you enough for your amazing work."
       - Hannah & Dane
"Thank you so much for these - they are just amazing! I must admit i definitely did not get much work done after i got your email this afternoon! Thank you so much for all your hard work - we are seriously blown away by the beauty of these photos!"
       - Garth & Suzie
"Oh they are such awesome photos! It was so lovely looking through them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Moments I did forget and was awesome reliving it all."
       - Fiona & Matua
"The photos are amazing!!! Thank you both for an awesome day, couldn't have picked better people to capture the event."
       - Jay & Sonia
"We absolutely love the photos and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. You really captured our day and the memory of our wedding. Thank you for such an outstanding job!"
       - Michael & Jess

"I just looked through them...and I absolutely love them!! Oh my gosh!! I just looked at them with Joey and we are so happy!! ... I can't thank you both enough!! The photos are amazing!! Thank you again!!"
       - Hannah & Joey
"Totally amazing! They are beyond awesome! Cannot wait to show everybody and print stuff for all over our house! Thanks so much guys."
       - Sara & Daniel
"Nolan and I would like to say thank you to the Mark and Kara team for such great work with all the photos associated with our wedding. Mark and Kara, you were both great to work with. Thank you for having the 15 hr patience and dedication to take picture after picture.... after picture.... after picture. Every picture was as beautiful as the next. We love them!"
       - Cassy & Nolan

"I just wanted to say a quick thank you!! We wanted the day to be just surrounded by our closest family and friends and when we chose you as our photographers it was because we felt like you would both fit in perfectly, the amazing pictures you took were just a bonus! We couldn't be more happy :)"
       - Oli & Monisha

"We just finished looking through all the photos and they are amazing. Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. Steve and I are very happy, you and Kara are fantastic photographers - we would take pleasure in recommending you. We can't wait for the DVD to arrive."
       -Angie & Steve 
"Thank you so much for the pics. We LOVE them! :) We have gone through it multiple times. Thanks for capturing our wedding so wonderfully!"
       - Andrew & Hannah

"Can I just say the photos are fantastic!!! I am so happy with them and I can’t thank you enough.... Thank you so much once again for everything it was such a pleasure."
       - Yazmin & David


"The photos are amazing!! Thank you so much for all your hard work. We're so glad we found people as awesome and talented as you guys!"
       - Jon & Tegan 

"The images look amazing. There are a few pretty spectacular ones in there, that’s for sure! :) Thank you both again. We are very pleased with your work. You’ve done an awesome job of capturing the day, it’s exactly what we wanted. Great stuff."
      - Jure & Sigrun


"AMAZING!!! I can't wipe the smile of my face. We absolutely love them. So happy we picked you guys and we loved having you both there.  You are both incredible at what you do. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"
      - Michael & Bernie

"You two were so professional yet fun to work with throughout our wedding and we were impressed by your ability to round up group photos as well as disappear and photograph everything as it unfolded naturally."
      - Sophie & Adam

"I am in love with these photos and am so thankful to you and Kara. You have captured the day so beautifully and at this stage I can't say which one is my favourite yet!"
       - Jacqui & Scott

"We couldn't be more happy with the images, we feel you captured all of our favourite moments from the day, can't wait to share them with everyone! ... Thanks again, we will definitely be recommending you!"
       - Claire & Nick


"Thank you so much for sending these through! We spent last night after dinner oohing and ahhing over them. You guys did an amazing job at capturing the night and we love them!"
       - Sophie & Alistair


"Wow! You guys really know what you're doing and we couldn't be happier with the pics. We've already got plans to get a few framed for family and friends."
       - Delwyn & Keith

"The experience was a pleasure and most enjoyable dealing with you guys. You made the process smooth and an incredible experience. Was humbled by your work and the kindness. If I was to do it ten times over, I would pick you guys ten times over. So Aysegul and I thank you once again. You guys are the best!!!"
       -Jamal & Aysegul 


"THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! Absolutely love, love, love the photos! You did an awesome job!!"
       - Ally & Dale


"These are amazing :) You have really captured some beautiful, special and typical Tim moments :) Perfect pictures. Thank you again for all of your work, from first meeting me and shouting me a coffee, to the wedding day and your efforts editing them. My family (and new family) were so impressed with you and will love these pictures. I will be sure to highly recommend you if I know anyone getting married, you guys were a ball and just slipped into the day so effortlessly."
       - Maddie & Tim


"We've just been sitting with a glass of wine enjoying all the photos - they're sensational!  Thank you so much again for everything, they turned out brilliantly... If you're ever in the area come by for a drink so we can thank you properly!"
       - Tom & Kate


"Thank you so much Mark and Kara - the photos are gorgeous. It bought back so many memories of the day which went so fast - thank you for capturing so many precious moments for us to look back on. The photos are beautiful, we couldn't be happier!"
       - Shane & Rebecca


"Thank you both so much. We have been up all night reminiscing as we look through the photos. It is now 4:30am and we have been sending pics to everyone. They are amazing. We honestly couldn't have hoped for better. So many natural moments captured for us and all of our guests. Thanks again."
       - Bel & Brent

"Mark and Kara were great to deal with and helped make our wedding day a very memorable one. Leading up to the wedding, they were always quick to respond to our emails, and we had every confidence that they would do a great job. It was great to have them take photos and capture the key moments, and they helped bring to life the day without being too obtrusive or pushy like some photographers can be. Their relaxed and friendly nature helped make our day much more enjoyable on what can be one of the most stressful days of your life. After the wedding, they were quick to provide the photos to us, and everyone was really pleased with the results. Thank you once again, and we wish you both every success in the future."
       - Quyen & Michelle

"OMG! They look amazing you have outdone yourself thank you again."
       - Nathan & Sapphire


"We just wanted to say a huge thanks for your work on our wedding day. You guys have a great relaxed vibe which is exactly what we were hoping for and I know the whole bridal party appreciated it and felt comfortable. My family has also expressed appreciation at your accommodating nature in taking shots they asked for and such hard work over such a long day. We LOVE the shots so far, so awesome. Thanks for sending them to us and my Mum. She's already had one put on canvas! We are super excited to see the rest when they are ready."
       - Chris & Jessica


"Photos are absolutely amazing, thank you so much for covering our special day."
       - Kate & Marty


"If we haven't said so already the photos are amazing! We love them, thank you again for your time and professionalism."
       - Ben & Nadine
"Thank you so much. They look fantastic. It was a pleasures meeting you both."
       - Lauren & Joven

"Thank you so very much for a well documented day, we love the pictures and are everything we envisioned your work to be. Have a great day guys and look forward to another celebration where we can call you both again."
       - Ben & Jade


"Thank you so much for the fantastic photos, I absolutely love them, as I knew I would!!!! You guys are the coolest."
       - The Crawfo's


"Thank you, the photos are lovely and capture the mood and fun of the day. I had forgotten so many things and you caught moments we were not there for."
       - Gemma & Armando


"It was so wonderful to receive our wedding photos on Sunday! ! ! You have captured an amazing story of our day! Thank you so much! ! ! We love them."
       - Craig & Monique


"I love the photos, they are great! Thank you so much, you captured everything."
       - Haley & Iouri


"Thank you so much for our wedding photos - they are absolutely stunning! We loved looking through them and reliving the memories."
       - Seb & Jess


"Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful photos x we had the best time. So many beautiful memories captured for the books."
       - Ben & Ash


"Thanks - the photos look great! We were just going through all of them and reminiscing about the fabulous day."
       - Ross & Nicole


"Thanks so much guys! They're awesome and Jess and I are so happy with them. You captured the moment perfectly!"
       - Matt & Jess

"Mark, I love them! They are fantastic!! Thank you so so much!"
       - Jess & Josh